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Re: Another pbuilder run finished

> > I was thinking of some kind of mailing list you can stuff
> > random build logs at, so that people can go and check, for a start.
>   I think that it could be nice if there is also a little script when
>   you can get "packages to built". As a start it should give packages,
>   mark packages which build log has been sent, and unmark some of the
>   packages, given a timeout, if the log has not been sent.
>   Something like distributed.net or seti@home do.

Currently, my scripts do builds choosing packages at random,
and if it is random enough, it should be good enough, due to the nature of 
pbuilding (we don't aim at building packages for use, we are building for 
building's sake)

Also, it will only require 2-3GB of free disk space to run pbuilder over Debian,
most packages will build with that amount of disk space quite happily.


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