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Re: Another pbuilder run finished

> > The possible drawbacks is that you need root privilage to run
> > pbuilder, and running pbuilder over the whole distribution requires a
> > good network access to a mirror, or preferrably a personal 
> > full source/i386(or other architecture) mirror.
> How much disk space is required to build the distribution? I assume
> it's the space needed for a chroot and the most disk-intensive source
> package (mozilla? openoffice? (are you building contrib?)) and its
> build dependencies. Have measured this quantity by any chance? Is a
> gig or two enough if you avoid openoffice?

I am not building contrib, because contrib does not need to build within 

I usually find X to be the most disk-consuming, and when I restricted pbuilder to use only 
2GB of disk, X build sometimes died due to out-of-diskspace errors.

Most packages build quite fine if you have 2GB.

There are some problem childs which take rather long to compile, like 
that dylan compiler, or gcc/glibc.


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