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Re: 3.2 transition

> Well, how did other distribution manage this situation? Anyone tracking their
> changes and willing to make an overview?

For SuSE 8.1, you just get libraries compiled with gcc 3.2. There is a number
of packages that has been dropped, a few of them because they fail to build with
gcc 3.2, see


If you had you own libraries built with gcc 2.95 which now fail due to the upgrade,
tough luck, just rebuild them. They don't even include gcc 2.95 anymore.

> My best ideas was: create a wrapper for LD_LIBRARY_PATH hackery, call it
> oldcompat-c++, provide compatibility packages for all old libs, where the
> files are stored elsewhere.

I'd advise against providing binary packages for all old libraries. This is free
software, just recompile it.

There might be a few special cases (e.g. if the software is not free), but those
should be exceptions rather than the rule.


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