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Re: 3.2 transition

* Daniel Jacobowitz (dan@debian.org) wrote:
> Reference: http://people.debian.org/~rmurray/c++transition.html, which seems
> to be the latest copy.
> My understanding is that GCC 3.2 now works on all architectures.  That means
> we're now past the last big blocker waiting for the transition.  Does anyone
> know of anything else holding us up, besides someone to manage the process?
> If not, it sounds like it's time to begin.

I wonder how well tested it is on all architectures?  I'd worry about
things like exception handling and threading being fully tested on all

There still seem to be a lot of kernel people who don't trust 3.2; now
whether that is a kernel issue or a gcc issue is very difficult to tell
- my personal guess is that it is a bit of both.  Definitly 2.95.x is
	still the recommended kernel compiler for most architectures - a pity
given the improvements 3.2.x has made in many places.

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