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Re: 3.2 transition

> > I've thought having a directory for doing LD_LIBRARY_PATH might help
> > people keep compatibility with other dists or legacy applications,
> What other dists or legacy applications?  Do you have examples?
> The only thing I'm aware of where this might be useful is qt2/kde2.  And
> we're already leaving that case with the ABI it has always had.  If you
> have other cases that actually exist, and that would justify the extra
> space usage in the archive, feel free to bring those forward.

Anyone who has locally built a c++ application on their system
is going to be broken.

To take this as an example:


may break, depending on what C++ library it was linked to.

We may need to add in our release notes: "We broke ABI, please recompile 
from source", but some servers might have some cron jobs running 
xerces trying to parse some XSL which no longer functions.

It might suffice to instruct users to install packages from woody,
and install them inside a chroot, and run applications as 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/chroot/lib whatever-application.


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