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Re: 3.2 transition

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 09:00:32PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

 > Yes, do you have any examples? If there are real world examples, then
 > that's something interesting that might be worth working on.
 > > To take this as an example:
 > > /home/dancer/local/bin/some-random-GA-program-in-C++-linked-against-libxerces
 > Hypotheticals aren't interesting though, we already know the case
 > *can* happen, the question is whether it *does*.

 I'm not sure what you are asking for then...

 The things that are going to break and we can't control are:

    * Locally compiled C++ applications and libraries

    * Third party applications and libraries

 For the first group a line in the release notes is (probably) enough --
 but as "customer", I wouldn't be happy if I saw such a line.

 For the second group... hmmm... "we wish you luck"? (h/j)  I'm not sure
 if you really want the list of applications that are going to break
 here.  I could start by listing software products from TGV (or any
 other numeric/scientific/simulation software company).  Some of these
 people deliver software linked agaisnt Qt 3, but it's trued that most
 of them prefer Motif for whatever reason.


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