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Re: orphaning my packages

Anthony Towns (2002-11-20 02:57:26 +1000) :

> having less experienced people assigned to help more experienced
> people can pass on some knowledge and divide harder jobs

Oh, so we get to hire trainees to do the dirty jobs?


> This is easier said than arranged, though)

  Well, if you're a prospective NM, and if you want to get your hands
dirty in Emacs stuff, please contact me.  I have a trainee-like job
for you: some not-very-hard wishlist bugs, some harder bugs, a simple
but not trivial build system, a few ideas for enhancements in the
maintainer scripts, gradual promotion to co-maintainership, and an
offer for a full-time job when the training period is over if you so
choose (unless you've made a mess of it ;-).  And I'll gladly advocate
you and/or sponsor you, too.

Roland Mas

[...] Des fois, y'a des trous. -- (Ptiluc)
  -- Signatures à collectionner, série n°2, partie 3/3.

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