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orphaning my packages

reopen 71915
retitle 71915 RFA: mgdiff -- xdiff clone
reopen 68317
retitle 68317 RFA: grafix -- scientific visualization library
reopen 108346
retitle 108346 RFA: cost -- General-purpose SGML/XML post-processing tool.
reopen 82446
retitle 82446 RFA: xcolorsel -- display colors and names in X

I am orphaning my packages, because I lost hope that I can become an
official developer under the present NM process.

Ian Zimmerman, Oakland, California, U.S.A. I did not vote for Emperor Bush.
GPG: 433BA087  9C0F 194F 203A 63F7 B1B8  6E5A 8CA3 27DB 433B A087

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