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Re: Bug#167297: ITP: gnome1 -- The GNU Network Object Model Environment (version 1)

On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 14:35, Josselin Mouette wrote:

> I haven't investigated the details, [...]


> That would mean porting dozens of GTK-1.2 engines and themes to GTK-2.0

You're proposing to put forth this much effort for *themes*??

> patching several window managers so that
> they support Gnome 2, 

Both GNOME and KDE have standardized on a hinting scheme.  Updating a
window manager to support the new spec means they support both out of
the box.  The netwm spec is the way of the future.  Holding on to the
old proprietary hinting schemes is just prolonging the transition.

> and changing completely the panel and the control
> center so that everything that was configurable in Gnome 1.4 is also
> configurable in Gnome 2. 

OK, so what in particular is driving you to make such a drastic step as
keeping around an old, buggy, and not-supported-upstream version of
GNOME in the Debian archive?

> The GNOME developers choose to abandon many things, to obtain a very
> arguable result. If i want the GNOME 2 technology, i can have it in KDE.

No, KDE doesn't have all of what GNOME 2 has.

> If i want the GNOME 1.4 technology, i can find it nowhere, except in
> this "outdated, buggy" software.
> Until there is another reasonable solution to obtain a desktop similar
> to Gnome 1.4, and while it is not full of bugs and security holes, i
> don't see any reason not to keep it in the archive.

I think you are making a very bad decision here.

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