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Re: DAM approval wait time?

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 19:39:57 -0500
Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> wrote:

> It's the not unpopular notion that "you're not part of the community
> unless you're a DD" that distresses me.  To me, Debian *as a whole*
> forms a community, of which DDs, NMs and users all are a part.  At
> least, I considered *myself* part of the community before I became a DD,
> and wouldn't have let anyone tell me differently.. :)

I can understand why non-DD dont feel like part of the community, we as
debian developers pull them in by letting them improve debian and at the
same time push them away by telling them they arent a DD so they cant be
trusted without someone double checking everything they do.

We need to fix the bottleneck in the NM proccess, and only one person can
do it.


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