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Re: DAM approval wait time?

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 01:24:57PM -0500, Steve Langasek wrote:
> If being a DD is a sign that you're accepted, it's a very
> fleeting one; flamewars between developers are usually MORE intense than
> between DDs and non-DDs.[1]  I think to be a successful DD, you have to
> first find satisfaction in the work itself, with or without community
> accolades.

At least for me, it is important that I am part of a community of
Debian developers.  I wouldn't want to do the work while being
kept outside that community, and I wouldn't feel able to take
responsibility for my packages if I have to depend on someone
else's goodwill just to upload bugfixes.

When I joined Debian, the process took a week or so.  If it had
taken many months, I would have felt unwanted and I would have
left to join a different community instead.

I leave it up to the audience to decide whether that would have
been a good or a bad thing :-)

Richard Braakman
"I sense a disturbance in the force"
"As though millions of voices cried out, and ran apt-get."
  (Anthony Towns about the Debian 3.0 release)

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