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Re: #127986: vim: Processes found running away. * Tags: moreinfo; 158 days old.

hamish@debian.org said:
>> I must be lucky then, because I can't make it happen.  The sure-fire method
> That's a pretty weird test case described in that bug report. 
> I suggest that this bug is 'minor' at best.

That's why I piped up, to say that it may simply be another
manifestation of what looks like bad signal handling in vim.

I can't believe that no one else sees this problem:

1. start gvim.
2. run "killall gvim" a few times.

notice that gvim has become unresponsive and stopped refreshing. Top
shows it eating all the CPU. A SIGKILL is required to end the process.
Can no one else see this? I can reproduce it with the vim package from
woody or sid, using an X session that contains only gvim and a
gnome-terminal (i.e. no bad window manager interactions or anything like

ah! I figured out what it is. This only occurs with vim-python
installed. The vanilla vim binary has no GUI, and the gvims from the
vim-gtk, vim-perl, vim-ruby, and vim-tcl packages die gracefully when
sent SIGTERM. Perhaps the ssh/sudo busyloop bug is also related to


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