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Re: #127986: vim: Processes found running away. * Tags: moreinfo; 158 days old.

madduck@debian.org said:
> pull the network cable. it'll eventually die.
> or just `kill` it...

...thus bringing the thread full circle. :)

> what's an Xserver to you, btw? the thingy you see things on, or the
> other part, i.e. the one serving the X application?

the, uh, _X_server_. To which X clients like gvim connect. The X server
in question is running on a computer at home, while I am at work.
gvim, the X client, is started from a screen session containing a
DISPLAY variable pointing at an X server miles away from me.

All of which is irrelevant to my point, which is that you can easily
reproduce bug #127986 by sending SIGTERM a few times to a running gvim.
Unless that's a different vim busyloop bug.


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