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Re: #127986: vim: Processes found running away. * Tags: moreinfo; 158 days old.

also sprach Jason Lunz <lunz-mlist@falooley.org> [2002.06.17.2048 +0200]:
> > pull the network cable. it'll eventually die.
> > or just `kill` it...
> ...thus bringing the thread full circle. :)

yes. it was also meant very seriously ;)

> the, uh, _X_server_. To which X clients like gvim connect. The X server
> in question is running on a computer at home, while I am at work.
> gvim, the X client, is started from a screen session containing a
> DISPLAY variable pointing at an X server miles away from me.

right, just making sure. people often get it mixed up. the x server is
the thingy displaying gvim, not the machine running gvim. but you knew

> All of which is irrelevant to my point, which is that you can easily
> reproduce bug #127986 by sending SIGTERM a few times to a running gvim.
> Unless that's a different vim busyloop bug.

ssh -Xt localhost sudo -u testuser gvim

does not reproduce the bug for me. i can kill gvim, and close it, and
everything happens like it should. this is woody. now i hope i didn't
say something wrong, considering i didn't follow the thread all the

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