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Re: Debian on the Sharp Zaurus/SL-5xxx

On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 10:52:02PM +0100, John Lines wrote:

> A dpkg enhancement which would make a difference would be to keep the
> whole /var/lib/dpkg infrastructure on a host system. The host could even
> keep an image of the entire Zaurus file system on its disk and install
> into that, and then synchronize across.

There is no need to modify dpkg at all to support this.  In fact, this is
exactly the configuration I am using to do development on my Zaurus, via

> At the moment the way I use my Zaurus is to download ipk files into a
> directory on my main computer, and then copy them to the Zaurus and
> install them there.

Why not download them directly to the Zaurus?  Another way, to avoid using
up temporary space on the Zaurus, is to NFS-mount a directory on your main
computer which contains the packages, and install directly from there.

> Having support within the dpkg format for installation onto SD or CF would
> be very useful, but I suspect it would require many packages to change to
> do it right.

The best possible way to do this would be with some kind of union
filesystem, where the contents of a CF or SD card could be overlaid onto the
root filesystem.

This would also make it possible to update files which are stored on the
cramfs root filesystem, which would otherwise be impossible without
re-flashing it.

 - mdz

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