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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

begin  Thomas Bushnell, BSG  quotation:

> Craig Dickson <crdic@pacbell.net> writes:
> > So you're saying that the HURD isn't an appropriate OS to run on a
> > dedicated gateway/firewall?
> I think this is certainly true.  Among other things, it doesn't even
> have gatewaying facilities, and adding them is an incredibly low
> priority.

That does make a difference. In general, I am sympathetic to aj's view
that all Debian distributions should offer firewall capabilities, but if
even the ability to function as a gateway or router is not there, and
not likely to be anytime soon, then to insist on firewall features is
not reasonable. Obviously, each of the various free *ix kernels have
their own strong points, and some have features that others do not. The
HURD may be unusual in lacking gatewaying facilities, but that is just
something that people should know about it before deciding when and
where to deploy it. I would like to see a solid Debian HURD
distribution, and in the absence of gateway/router functionality, I
don't think the lack of firewall capabilities should be an issue.


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