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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

> >Perhaps Thomas wants to say that firewalling tools are not so
> >important, while you want to say the opposite. Then, I'd suggest that
> >it might be more constructive for you to point out why you think tb is
> >wrong.
> This is ridiculous. I don't see how anyone could seriously consider 
> firewalling less than essential on any modern system.

Well, when my two laptops are only connected to each other via PLIP, and
that is the ONLY network they have, I don't need no firewall. I have one
dedicated box which serves as a firewall/NAT, the rest of my lan should
not do any kind of firewalling.

I don't need firewalling on a disconnected box either. They may be
essential if your box is connected to an untrusted network. If it merely
sits in your room, and you transfer stuff via removable media, I doubt
you'd consider firewalling tools essential.

To be honest, the only kind of "firewalling" I do at home is NAT, and I
could live without that.

So, here am I, seriously considering firewalling tools less than

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