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Re: essential? firewalling?

begin  Joshua Judson Rosen  quotation:

> Yeah, but *how many* firewalls does one need on a network?
> Is it *really* absolutely *essential* for *every* computer on every
> LAN to host its own firewall?
> Is this really how networks are typically configured?
> I don't think that I have ever seen such a network :)

Look at it another way. If the GNU/HURD distribution does not include
firewalling capabilities, then you can't use a HURD system as a
dedicated firewall machine (at least not without adding such
capabilities separately). Why should that be the case? Why shouldn't a
HURD distribution be capable, out-of-the-box, of being used as a
dedicated firewall? Are we to infer that the HURD is somehow inherently
unsuitable for such a role?


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