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Re: Editor Priorities

#include <hallo.h>
Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote on Thu May 09, 2002 um 06:23:09PM:

> I understand your point.  However, I don't think the priority score
> *must* be limited for sysadmin purpose.  There are a lot of scenes
> where a software wants to invoke some text editor.

I agree - as native Russian and German speaker, I am very pissed off
about the current localisation issues, especially for multiple non-ascii

But there are soo many people (mostly native english speakers) that do
not care about useability for others.

> If you say that alternative mechanism is not a place for i18n,
> where do you think is suitable?  I think alternative mechanism

Then we should use two alternatives entrys: editor for normal people,
and rescue-editor for hard-core admins ;).

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