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Re: Editor Priorities

Updated list of criteria, with suggested modifiers.
(some are +0: this means I think they should be dropped,
and are only included for completeness)

I wish to thank Manoj, Wichert, Henrique, Jordi and others from IRC who
helped me come up with this list. Special thanks to Wichert
and Manoj for the first on-topic vim vs. emacs flamewar.

I am not currently including statistics for editors currently in
Debian. This list is still way too long -- I'd prefer less than
10 bullets. The clearer the bullets are the better (and I realize
some here fall short of that goal)

I have marked with XXX the ones I think should stay.
[7 XXXs are marked]
Any more ideas are welcome.
Maintainers/power-users of editors are encouraged to send me the list of
features from the below list their editor supports so I could accurately show 
how each choice of modifiers affects the priorities. I fear I will do
injustice to editors I don't know otherwise.

* Supports undo/redo +20 XXX
* Supports pausing using ^Z +20
* Can start typing without reading a manual +30 XXX
* Start-up time not noticeable +30
* Not free -200 [changed from -50] XXX
* Reads a global RC file +20 XXX
* Built-in on line help +30 XXX
  * Baloon help +0
  * Easy to locate menu and help"
* Can follow hypertext links +0
* Can assist the user with templates ands contect sensitive prompts +5
* Syntax highlighting +2
* Ability to run a command on a range of lines +0
* Ability to work with rectangular regions in a text file +2
* Ability to edit right-to-left (Arabic, Hebrew) +0
* Ability to edit unicode +0
* Ability to use split windows +0
* Folding, narrowing, and ouline modes +1 each
* Being able to open multiple files +10
* Built in spell checks +10 XXX
* Ability to read/write files over network protocols +10
  * Each protocol supported +1
* Autocompletion +5
  * Configurable +0
  * Adaptive +0
* Search and replace +10 XXX
  * RE search and replace +5
  * Ability to visit file/line numbers for grep/egrep/find+egrep matches +0
* Does not wrap lines per default +0
* Is a vi clone +0

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