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Re: Editor Priorities

On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 11:20:14AM +0900, Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:
> Note that summation of CJK, bidi, and Indic people is more than 1/2
> of the world population.  Debian should not be designed only from the
> viewpoint of European language speakers' convenience.

Debian's mission is to support its users.  I humbly suggest that while
the summation of CJK, bidi, and Indic peoples may be more than 1/2 of
the world's population, it's not even close to representing 1/2 of
Debian's user population.

Making Debian more accessible to CJK, bidi, and Indic users is indeed
important just as it is important to make Debian more accessible to
users with visual or motor impairments.  However, I would caution
against any of the user groups exercising some sort of veto power over
policy enhancements to Debian which have no effect on them.

In other words, the policy as proposed doesn't do anything to make life
*worse* for CJK, bidi, and Indic users.  It simply fails to make life
better for them.  However, this is mainly a job for upstream software
developers.  Debian developers are primarily system integrators.

This battle was already fought with x-terminal-emulator.  Why do we have
to rehash it?

The proposed policy does not negatively impact the user community you
claim to represent.

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