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Editor Priorities

It all started from http://bugs.debian.org/121303
I was fixing random bugs in elvis, and thought to do something
about that too. So, I looked around for an algorithm to calculate
editor priorities, and found none.
This problem bugged me when I NMUed levee, when I added the u-a patch.
Both levee and sted are not even in Steven Greenland's "s3rk1t" list
of priorities, and I think doing somehting like this in a static list
is the wrong thing anyway. After talking with Jordi on IRC and seeing
he also feels a problem here, I decided to bring the issue up here.

I want an algorithm for priority similar to what policy mandates for
x-window-manager[1]. Here are some points:

* This is for people who install multiple editors -- we need to decide
  which one reportbug(1) (e.g.) uses in the absence of any other data
* Any choice can be overridden by the local administrator (assuming he can
  do "man update-alternatives")
* Here is a list of criteria I offer as a beginning of discussion:
  * [Meta] Programmer-specific things are useless here. Programmers
    will run their favourite editor by explicit name.
  * Supports undo/redo +20
  * Supports pausing using ^Z +20
  * Can start typing without reading a manual +30
  * Start-up time not noticeable +30
  * Not free -50
  * Reads a global RC file +20

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