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Re: Debian Conference 2 Registration

On Sat, Apr 06, 2002 at 05:25:10PM -0500, Joe Drew wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-04-06 at 15:09, Jeroen Dekkers wrote:
> > > I don't *like* the registration page being hosted on IIS. But I prefer a
> > > registration page to no registration page at all.
> > 
> > Is it that difficult to make a registration page with free software?
> To the best of my knowledge, no. But I didn't have time to learn how and
> do it, and Lindows.com decided that they wanted to pay one of their
> engineers to do it. It's quite simple: nobody else did it, so I took
> Lindows.com up on their offer.
> > Also, the form itself isn't free:
> > (C) 2002 Lindows.com, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
> Why is this a problem?

It's just the fact that is non-free. It doesn't have to be a problem,
it should just be free IMHO. There is no reason not to make it free,
and I see at least one reason to have it free: We could use the
registration form for debconf 3. 

> > So if microsoft starts spending real money on debconf 3, we all have
> > to start supporting them? 
> This is almost a new case for Goodwin's law. But by "Support" I meant
> more along the lines of "thank"; I chose words wrongly.

That's right, you can thank people if they give something to you.
> > Sorry, I think this is ridiculous. Does
> > debconf really need money from a proprietary software company? 
> Why should we refuse? Lindows.com came to us, not the other way around.

Because it's a proprietary software company?
> I think people are all getting way too upset about this. My main
> priority in everything I've said is twofold:
> 1) Give credit where credit is due, i.e. Lindows.com;
> 2) Keep Lindows.com from getting flamed by a bunch of people who didn't
> bother to do anything for Debconf, but think they can dictate how others
> will help anyways.
> This doesn't mean I don't want discussion on it, but it DOES mean that I
> want to make it perfectly clear that it is very counterproductive for
> anybody to mail lindows.com with non-constructive criticism. Saying
> "Hey, I see you hosted the Debconf registration form - Thanks! But, it
> seems sort of strange that it's hosted on IIS. Why is this?" is one
> thing. Saying "Debian has no use for you and your proprietary page,
> lamers. Go to hell, proprietary software vendor!" is another entirely. I
> want to keep the Lindows.com <-> Debian relationship friendly and happy,
> just as they have strived to do.

We can also say in a friendly way that we don't want to have anything
to do with non-free software IMHO.

> Remember, Lindows.com wants to contribute to us. We should accept their
> support with open arms provided they don't try to subvert our
> principles. A web page on a proprietary OS doesn't subvert our
> principles, IMO.

It subverts my principles (and probably also others). The fact that
the company itself is probably also going to distribute non-free
software also subverts my principles.

The thing I want say is: Debian is about free software, IMHO we should
not have such a prominent sponser promoting non-free
software. Especially as we probably don't need it.

Jeroen Dekkers
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