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Re: Debian Conference 2 Registration

* Jeroen Dekkers (jeroen@dekkers.cx) wrote :
> It subverts my principles (and probably also others). The fact that
> the company itself is probably also going to distribute non-free
> software also subverts my principles.
> The thing I want say is: Debian is about free software, IMHO we should
> not have such a prominent sponser promoting non-free
> software. Especially as we probably don't need it.
Congratulations. Stunning move. Please, go tell Sun, HP, and all the other
companies who've provided us with hardware and bandwidth and who happen to
make non-free software we don't need their help.
Perhaps you'll be kind enough to donate a replacement for
ftp-master.debian.org, www.debian.org, and everything else affected by this

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