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Re: Debian Conference 2 Registration

On Sat, Apr 06, 2002 at 02:02:08PM -0500, Joe Drew wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-04-06 at 13:39, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > Form submission goes to:
> > Submit to http://net2.com/_vti_bin/shtml.dll/debconf2/index.html
> > 
> > If I get this right, then registration for the Debian Conference,
> > to a conference run by Free Software bigots, goes through heavily
> > non-free and proprietary software that we are not even allowed to
> > place in our non-free section outside of our distribution.
> I saw this too, and was a bit unnerved, but might I direct you to the
> first thing I said: "Thanks go to Lindows.com for hosting the web page
> and all their gracious help." Lindows.com have spent real money on
> Debconf already, in bandwidth and server costs, and also in the engineer
> costs for the back-and-forth that went on getting that page to have the
> information I needed. For all the offers of support I got, Lindows.com
> is the only one who actually followed through.
> I don't *like* the registration page being hosted on IIS. But I prefer a
> registration page to no registration page at all.

Is it that difficult to make a registration page with free software?

Also, the form itself isn't free:
(C) 2002 Lindows.com, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

> Let me re-iterate this for people who might not have gotten the message:

You don't have to shout.

So if microsoft starts spending real money on debconf 3, we all have
to start supporting them? Sorry, I think this is ridiculous. Does
debconf really need money from a proprietary software company? Why
does Debian promote of non-free software (indirectly)? I thought
Debian was about free software.

Jeroen Dekkers
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