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NMU of sane-backends (libsane, libsane-dev) (was: Re: how-to push a package in testing ?)

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> wrote:

Hi all,

> > sane-backends has two RC bugs, one of which has been open for more than a
> > week. 139509 appears like it should get sane-backends to build on mips; it's
> > not clear what'll fix it on alpha, but that needs to happen too.
> The alpha problem looks more like a compiler issue.  The problem is
> fixed upstream in the next version by removing the calls to vprintf().

Having a couple of packages waiting for the sane-backends (libsane,
libsane-dev binary packages) bugs to be squashed (among others), I
feel concerned...

Based on what Petter said about the SANE CVS, I am preparing an NMU of
sane-backends. The package builds on alpha using the
frontend/scanimage.c from the current CVS (changes affect only the
vprintf() problem, nothing new otherwise).

I plan to build alpha, i386 and powerpc packages. I'll upload them to
my home on http://people.debian.org/~jblache/ and will post a diff to
the BTS, of course. Then I'll upload the packages to DELAYED/2-day,
with priority=medium.

Testers will of course be welcome.

If you disagree with this NMU, please *stand up now*.

This NMU does not address the HPPA issue reported in #138108. (I'll
reopen, retitle and downgrade the bug once the package will be


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