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how-to push a package in testing ?

I have a problem which is certainly going to solvs itself soon but
I want to be sure.
A few package version ago, libusb lacks of shlibs info. This is now
solved and I have rebuild gphoto2 against the new libusb but during this
time my gphoto2 package requiring a 0.1.5 (upstream version) entered in
woody when the associated libusb package not (because of another

So now we have :

unstable  libusb-0.1-4 1:0.1.5-3
unstable  libusb-dev 1:0.1.5-3
testing   libusb0 1:0.1.4-2
testing   libusb-dev 1:0.1.4-2

unstable  gphoto2 2.0final-3
unstable  gphoto2-dev 2.0final-3
testing   gphoto2 2.0final-1
testing   gphoto2-dev 2.0final-1

gphoto2 doesn't work with the libusb currently in woody. In excuses I
see :
     * libusb (1:0.1.4-2 to 1:0.1.5-3)
          + Maintainer: Christopher L Cheney
          + 11 days old (needed 2 days)
          + Valid candidate

Is this package going to enter in woody ?
If no, is it possible to push it ?
Or should we remove gphoto2 from woody ?

gphoto2 in woody is still usable for serial cameras.
gtkam depends on gphoto2 and is in woody.

These programs are great programs and I hope to see them in woody final.


Christophe Barbé <christophe.barbe@ufies.org>
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