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Re: how-to push a package in testing ?

On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 01:56:07PM -0500, christophe barb? wrote:
> I see two solutions :
> . upgrade of libusb and packages depending on it

The packages (by source) appear to be:

    kdegraphics (arm)
    sane-backends (alpha, mips, buggy)
    sane-frontends (alpha, ia64)
    gphoto2 (arm)
    gtktiemu -> libticables3, libticalcs3, libti68k

sane-backends has two RC bugs, one of which has been open for more than a
week. 139509 appears like it should get sane-backends to build on mips; it's
not clear what'll fix it on alpha, but that needs to happen too.

sane-frontends has a versioned build-dependency on libc6-dev, which makes
it fail on alpha and ia64, since those architectures use libc6.1-dev (which
provides: libc6-dev).

gphoto2 doesn't build correctly on arm, see:

kdegraphics seems to need a newer version of gphoto2 to be built on arm
before it will work.

There may be other packages which need to be upgraded at the same time
as libusb. All of them need to be built on all architectures and free
of release critical bugs for this to happen.


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