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Re: kernel-linux-*, generic build process

>>"Erich" == Erich Schubert <erich.schubert@mucl.de> writes:

 Erich> No, it isn't. It is NOT the upstream tarball. It's a
 Erich> usually-repacked version of the tarball, often reproducing a
 Erich> different directory structure than the upstream tarball does.
 Erich> See, not all upstream authors follow the package-version
 Erich> directory naming.

	You are definitely behind the times. You do not have to repack
 the upstream in order to fix the dir name. Havfen't had to do that
 for years. 

 Erich> This will lead to a different MD5 checksum -> evil as this is not
 Erich> necessary.

	I notice you maintain a number of packages; perhaps you had
 better check and undo any repacking you may be doing. I am surprised
 you missed out on the pristine source recommendation. 

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