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Re: kernel-linux-*, generic build process

> 	You are definitely behind the times. You do not have to repack
>  the upstream in order to fix the dir name. Havfen't had to do that
>  for years. 

Yes, but i'll get a huge diff else easily, due to autogenerated
Makefiles etc. usually included in the upstream tarball, but modified
during the build process; could maybe fixed with a radical clean target
of course... but not very neat.

>  Erich> This will lead to a different MD5 checksum -> evil as this is not
>  Erich> necessary.
> 	I notice you maintain a number of packages; perhaps you had
>  better check and undo any repacking you may be doing. I am surprised
>  you missed out on the pristine source recommendation. 

Well, my packages don't have a useable upstream tarball (such as the font
packages) or are a CVS checkout (ming, latest upstream release has lot's
of bugs, so i'm using a CVS checkout)

I just saw that lot's of tarballs are different from upstream tarballs,
one of the subjects some freebsd users (if you find one you can actually
talk to, not flamebait) complained about (for example at the Systems
2001 Conference in Munich)


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