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Re: kernel-linux-*, generic build process

> Isn't this what apt-get source does now? Except it uses the upstream
> tarball from the debian archive, rather than relying on the user to
> supply the correct one. And extracts it before building, so that changes

No, it isn't. It is NOT the upstream tarball. It's a usually-repacked
version of the tarball, often reproducing a different directory
structure than the upstream tarball does.
See, not all upstream authors follow the package-version directory
This will lead to a different MD5 checksum -> evil as this is not

> can actually be made against the upstream tarball, and looked after
> for you in a diff file of some kind.

But it's all in one big diff, so it's not easy to remove single changes.

> it's worse. Especially for me where the Debian mirror is free, but I
> have to pay per MB for most upstream tarballs. :-)

I didn't talk about downloading the upstream tarballs from non-Debian
mirrors. I'd prefer mirroring them too on the Debian Servers.
But it enables FreeBSD-users to use the Debian mirrors and otherwise
round, which certainly is a benefit.
And per-MB-paing users running Debian and FreeBSD will be happy to
download them just once, not twice.

> Same for apache. Makes it a real bitch to try and make a small
> modification to the source, and recompile. And if I just want to

You don't have to call the whole build process each time.
Calling "debian/rules binary-arch" doesn't call "make clean" here, and
thus will even reuse objects you already compiled.

> _look_ at the source, then I have to extract it somewhere else,
> and apply the various patches to try and track down the Debian-specific
> change that I'm looking for.

Well, you can just look at the patches to view that Debian-specific
change... thats easier this way, isn't it?

Well, and you know that Makefile do have targets, don't you?
So just call "debian/rules patch-source" (or however that target is
called) and the makefile will extract and patch the source for you.

Hey, good Makefile-writers might even add a "make patch" target, which
compares your modified source with a newly-extraced-and-patched one, so
you can easily create the patch files for packaging.

> Paul "TBBle" Hampson, MCSE


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