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Re: kernel-* packages: what about rtlinux etc. ?

>>"Erich" == Erich Schubert <erich@debian.org> writes:

 Erich> Well, i don't know much about rtlinux, and i don't know if
 Erich> it's a patch to the linux kernel, or more like a different
 Erich> kernel tree...  But we should perhaps treat the realtime linux
 Erich> kernel somehow equal to the linux kernel? So the i386-linux
 Erich> arch has currently two different kernels, i386-hurd is
 Erich> progressing (weren't they hoping for a new kernel, too?) and
 Erich> i386-netbsd is advaning as well...

	My laptop run RTLinux from time to time. It is just another
 kernel-patch. No different than an ac patch, or the preemptible

	Certainly not enough to justify calling it two kernels.

	In one short day, you have dissed the Linux build processes,
 the Debian packaging of kernel packages, and demonstrated a
 surprising juxtaposition of arrogant confidence in your opinion along
 with a surprising lack of knowledge of what you speak about.

	Way to go.

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