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Re: Trying to fix slang (xterm)

On Sat, Feb 02, 2002 at 04:23:50PM -0800, Philip Brown wrote:
> You should see to it that debian's xterm config works for ALL users of
> debian systems.

Impossible, because the terminal characteristics of the identifier
"xterm" are not standardized.

> "users" covers people who connect to debian systems, not just people
> who run debian on their own desktops.

Perfectly true.  This is also not news to anyone.

> Right now, you have the "majority" covered. But you could cover 100% of
> them by following the xterm FAQ recommendations.

Nope, I can't.  Systems that lack XFree86's xterm implementation will
just complain of an unknown terminal type when you connect to them.
Furthermore, because what "TERM=xterm" means is not standardized, no
value I can set can possibly be compatible with all other
implementations.  $TERM will either be wrong under some circumstances,
or undefined under some circumstances, no matter what I do.

The xterm app-defaults file is a conffile in part so that YOU can select
a solution that works better for YOU.

Pretending that you know the specific needs of every member of the
entire Debian community is presumptuous and/or stupid.  Pick one.

> The fact that you deliberately choose not to, shows a poor attitude towards
> making debian the best it can be.

The fact that you are attacking me this way reveals your ignorance of
the nature of the problem.

> Nothing shows this off better than your own proud proclamation that you
> ignored a direct request from the founder of Debian, Ian, to make xterm
> configs more globally compatible.

Here's a clue for ya, kid.  The founder of Debian works in the office
next to me.  Last I checked, his name wasn't Ian Jackson.

/me notes that Mr. Brown hasn't fully grasped the Official Motto of the
X Strike Force yet

/me decides that Mr. Brown never will, and killfiles him

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