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Re: facilitating donations

>>>>> On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, "Scott" == Scott M. Dier wrote:

  Scott> Chris Danis wrote:

  +> the stuff on http://www.paypalwarning.com/ before making such a
  +> decision.

  Scott> Most of these people did shady things, or stupid things, however.

Point taken. The problem as I saw it, however, is that paypal makes it 
very hard to get in touch with an actual human being to attempt to resolve 
the problem, and reportedly also takes a long time to reply to inquiries 
sent through channels such as their customer support email address. In 
short, if you have no problems, you're fine. If you do run into a snag, 
you might end up being totally screwed. That was at least the gist of what 
I gathered from the site.

Also, I'd just like to reiterate again that my experiences with the 
service have been wholly satisfactory.



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