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Re: facilitating donations

(Shouldn't we move this thread to -project?)

On Wed, 30 Jan 2002, martin f krafft wrote:
> i just received a donation for debian from a fan in the UK through
> paypal, because donating to debian from anywhere but the US and
> Germany is a pain. but talking to Joey about it, i just had this idea

I suppose the Debian treasurer could also setup a paypal account and arrange
for accepting donations through international credit cards (VISA, at the
very least. Credit cards are one of the cheapest ways of sending money off
the country in many places, including Brazil. Postal money orders are
another reasonably cheap method for moderate amounts, and bank transfers are
always extremely expensive, at least in Brazil).  

I am not sure about the deductibility from taxes for the above methods,
though -- that is very likely country-depenant. The cost of sending receipts
over snailmail can easily outdo very small donations, also.

That said, the idea of allowing SPI registered members in other countries to
setup local branches for colleting donations is a good one, if the inherent
problems can be worked out.

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