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Re: facilitating donations

Chris Danis wrote:

the stuff on http://www.paypalwarning.com/ before making such a decision.

Most of these people did shady things, or stupid things, however.

When was the last time you waited for a $10k check to not go through before rendering services.

Or used a crappy password and didn't change it after something weird happened ($450 left the account)

Otherwise, most of these problems are related to seller/buyer problems where a seller defrauded a buyer, and this buyer thought they could be smart by 'stopping payment' on their credit card, which isn't true in these transactions. Fraud is a problem in any method, and paypal doesn't have the tools to just take back money out of bank accounts, generally you need to get a judge involved for that.

I've set all my settings on paypal to deny from users that paypal doesn't have 'verified' information from and no 'confirmed' shipping address.

The people who are complaining about this are people who didn't read the fine text, nor did they know the risks involved in such a service. I bet paypal does as much as possible when they are alerted of fraud, but they *dont* have the capibilites to just go do things to peoples bank accounts. They *do* however, have the responsibility of verifying users identites so that you and the other user can take it out in court, where disputes are handled. Paypal is in the right for not trying to agument the system of law.

Paypal is a bit like sending a money order, they can't just refund you the money, because they don't control it.

But, most of these are fraud. The only reason sometimes paypal augments the system is because when they have proof they can do it under their AUP with a user.

People need to learn how to use escrow for big money transactions.

Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org>

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