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Re: facilitating donations

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 07:45:23PM -0600, Scott M. Dier wrote:
> [ccing to treasurer in case he's ignoring for now.  I want to find out 
> if its a possibility]

I don't mind being CC'ed in my official capacity as SPI Treasurer, but I
do read this list and I do try to pay attention to matters that are
germane to my duties thereof.  Just FYI.

> I like paypal for how easy it is to setup, and the charges aren't bad 
> considering that most merchant accounts have a minimum use. (and 
> compared to other methods of transferring money)  But, is it possible 
> for SPI to get a merchant account through their bank without such 
> minimum restrictions (or a low minimum) and set up some sort of credit 
> card processing?  I know its harder than paypal, but the costs per 
> transaction probally work out to our favor.  But... is it worth the cost 
> savings to really setup a merchant account and some means of processing 
> versus setting up paypal?
> [treasurer: thread is important because CC payments from countries 
> outside of USA is supposedly easiest way to donate.]

If someone could properly research this issue and send a report to
board@spi-inc.org, it would certainly help the Board to make an informed
decision.  Please note that the SPI Treasurer is not solely empowered to
make decisions like this.

The Board discussed PayPal at its last meeting on 21 Janauary.  At the
time, IIRC, none of us were crazy about PayPal because of the overhead
and horror stories.  The merchant bank idea sounds better in principle
but what we need are hard facts.  Please educate the SPI Board on this

/me suddenly realizes he's effectively asking for lobbyists and commits
suicide :-P

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