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Re: facilitating donations

[ccing to treasurer in case he's ignoring for now. I want to find out if its a possibility]

martin f krafft wrote:

it's been discussed. paypal charges way too much.

I like paypal for how easy it is to setup, and the charges aren't bad considering that most merchant accounts have a minimum use. (and compared to other methods of transferring money) But, is it possible for SPI to get a merchant account through their bank without such minimum restrictions (or a low minimum) and set up some sort of credit card processing? I know its harder than paypal, but the costs per transaction probally work out to our favor. But... is it worth the cost savings to really setup a merchant account and some means of processing versus setting up paypal?

[treasurer: thread is important because CC payments from countries outside of USA is supposedly easiest way to donate.]


Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org>

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