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Re: Preparing a Proposal: 3 DD needed for every NEW package

On Sat, Dec 29, 2001 at 11:31:15AM +0100, Lenart Janos wrote:
> As you might already have noticed Debian begun to bloat - so many
> unneeded, unused, unmaintained(!) packages.
> My opinion is that one DD alone couldn't upload NEW package, but he
> needs 2 proponent DD who are willing to "give his signature for it".
> Just to make it a little more complicated a minimum of 50 word long
> justification needed from all the 3 guys (e.g. two proponent DD and the
> future maintainer).

As far as this proposal applies to free software, how does this serve
the interests of the free software community? (See section 4 of the
Debian Social Contract.) My opinion is this policy is an
unneeded hurdle that needs to be negotiated for new free software
packages, and some free software may be excluded amid cries of
bloat. Then, I argue, we would serve only a subset of the free
software community.

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