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Re: Preparing a Proposal: 3 DD needed for every NEW package

On Sat, Dec 29, 2001 at 11:31:37AM +0100, Lenart Janos wrote:
> [Please Cc: to me! (ETOOHIGHVOLUME)]
> As you might already have noticed Debian begun to bloat - so many
> unneeded, unused, unmaintained(!) packages.
> My opinion is that one DD alone couldn't upload NEW package, but he
> needs 2 proponent DD who are willing to "give his signature for it".
> Just to make it a little more complicated a minimum of 50 word long
> justification needed from all the 3 guys (e.g. two proponent DD and the
> future maintainer).

This doesn't sound too bad to me, _but_ a better report might be to set up some sort of automatic system that 
sends out email to all maintainers at 1 month intervals [or something like that]. If someone doesn't respond to 2 
or 3, then they are marked inactive and someone, preferable a human, verifies that the maintainer is not active 
anymore and orphans all of his/her packages... This would eliminate the unmaintained problem...

As for unused packages, it is a very subjective thing :) Something like iraf might now be used by many but it is
still needed by some.. Removing stuff like this turns Debian into RedHat - no one wants that.

Unneeded packages might still be used but then it is up to the maintaner to orphan them and if they are trully 
unneeded then they would not be adopted.

None of the above thing change the way that packages are maintaned - easier to implement. It would also catch the 
perm. AWOL maintainers. 

Any opinions??

- Adam

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