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Re: Debian trademark [was: Debian GNU/w32, may ready to be started?]

On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 08:05:55AM +0100, Anders Arnholm wrote:
> Keep in mind that on most hardware Debian GNU/linux still need
> non-free software to work 

i hesitate to call ``firmware'' ``software''

> I still have failed to see any machines with a free-bios on the
> market.


i have a hard time buying prebuilt systems with a free os installed.
this does not make it hard to install a free os.

i can (now!) replace the non-free BIOS with a free version.


if you don't like being limited to a single vendor.

any other non-free pieces you need removed?


no, neither of these BIOS's are packaged or distributed with the Debian OS.

remember, it is not _my_ fault that _you_ buy hardware that is dependent
upon prorietary solutions.

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