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Re: Debian trademark [was: Debian GNU/w32, may ready to be started?]

Anders Arnholm <anders@arnholm.nu> writes:

> Who, Adobe, Pinacle for nog giving away there software, for nog making
> Linux versions? Well actually I like that they actuallt make good
> software. If they don't like to share I don't have any reason to be
> angry on them. There position and there right  to take that position is
> as much about freedom as gnu and gpl, i.m.h.o. maybe even a little more.
> For Adobe I can make plugins and other additions and spead then exactly
> as I like, with GPL I might get forced into GPLing my software.
> Personally I perfere BSD, X11 style, and then lgpl...

Be angry or don't be angry.  They hoard software, and when I and other
say we have no interest in helping you give in to them, you get angry
at us!  If you want to be angry, then be angry at the software
hoarders.  If you don't want to be angry at all, then don't be--but
that means you can't go being upset because we object to nonfree
software, and using Debian to advance the goals of the software

It might make your life easier in the short-term to give in to the
software hoarders.  I decided a long time ago that it was more
important to me to make the world a better place than to focus on my
own short-term gain, and so I do everything I can to avoid giving in
to the software hoarders.

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