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Re: Bidirectional gating of Debian mailing lists through news.nic.it?

begin quoting Adam McKenna <adam@debian.org>:
> I am personally not a fan of having my e-mail address plastered all over
> USENET.  I receive a good deal of spam at the address I use to post to this
> list -- now I know why.  Maybe the person who gates this list to USENET could
> do something to obfuscate the e-mail addresses of posters.

At the moment it _is_ spreaded all over the Usenet. The question I
asked was about a bidirectional gating, the unidirectional gating is
already active.

The two biggest German newsserver, news.t-online.de (T-Online is the
biggest ISP in Germany, when counting the customers) and
news.cis.dfn.de (A public-access (with registering) newsserver
partially sponsored by the German government) have the linux.*

I for myself post with my real address on newsgroups. In de.*, faked
email addresses are a no-no, and most providers enforce email
addresses that can be replied to.

"Gesetze können nur abstrakt gefaßt sein. Wenn sie auf einen konkreten 
Sachverhalt angewandt werden, müssen sie ausgelegt werden. Dabei irren sich 
Finanzbeamte und Richter."
(FG Rheinland - Pfalz, Urteil vom 06.10.1970, II 316-320/670)

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