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Re: Bidirectional gating of Debian mailing lists through news.nic.it?

In article <6fqi8t83jct8iavdjmeai3j94monp9c9hp@4ax.com>, Jens Müller wrote:
>I have asked  Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it> if he could set up
>bidirectional gating, i.e. also from the NGs to the list.
>Marco said he could do that if the list admins agree, but he also
>would have to update his software.
>His concept is as follows: The NGs are marked moderated, the moderator
>is a bot that approves the postings, sends them to the NG and gates
>them to the list.
>Furthermore, posters would need to register in order to prevent spam.

Hi Jens,

Though I am in no way officially related to the Debian project, such a
system has already been set up via other ISP's. This post for example
I am posting to a newsgroup. From there it will be gated to the list.

As only persons having an account with my ISP can post using this
newsserver, the spam issue is really a non isue.

Hope this helps :)


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