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Re: Bidirectional gating of Debian mailing lists through news.nic.it?

begin quoting remmy@cistron.nl (Remco Rijnders):
> If the idea is to gate everything from a widely spread usenet
> hierarchy to the debian lists, then I am not sure if that would be a
> wise idea. The number of spam incidents will probably increase. Also,
> it makes the "You can spam us if you pay us" rule that exists on the
> debian lists no longer enforcable.
> My $.02 :)

Well, Marco from linux.it said posters would have to register. When
reguistering, they might also have to agree to that provision.

Wenn die CDU, Herr Heilmann, zum Thema Rechtsradikalismus im Internet fordert,
das Material zu verbieten oder zu filtern, dann werfe ich Ihnen vor, die 
Probleme nicht sehen zu wollen.    [Andy Müller-Maghuhn in c't 20/2000, S. 104]

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