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Re: Bidirectional gating of Debian mailing lists through news.nic.it?

In article <ta9k8toqem5r1bl65ogv9j78t6qse58cc7@4ax.com>, Jens
Müller wrote:

>> Though I am in no way officially related to the Debian project, such a
>> system has already been set up via other ISP's. This post for example
>> I am posting to a newsgroup. From there it will be gated to the list.
>Well, but this is not a Usenet-wide gateway. Every ISP had to set up
>the gating separately. news.nic.it wants to gate the linux.* groups
>back to the corresponding mailing lists.

True. The debian groups I read from and post to appear to be limited
to my ISPs subscribers. I am not sure if these groups are propogated
to other news servers. However, the group set up is bidirectional
though (as demonstrated by this post :)

>To what newsgroup do you post?

I post to lists.debian.devel on news2.cistron.nl

>Any comments anyone, btw?

If the idea is to gate everything from a widely spread usenet
hierarchy to the debian lists, then I am not sure if that would be a
wise idea. The number of spam incidents will probably increase. Also,
it makes the "You can spam us if you pay us" rule that exists on the
debian lists no longer enforcable.

My $.02 :)


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