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QT on alpha potato does not compile

I am trying to compile qt 2.2 on a alpha with potato, g++ 2.95.2-13
using  rkrustys patches from the
intel qt 2.2 diffs. I get lots of internal compiler errors on the files
generated by moc (moc_*.cpp), and
uic segfaults when compiling  tools/designer/designer/listboxeditor.ui

It looks like a alpha-gcc problem. The internal compiler errors go away
if the files
are compiled without optimization. I will file a bug against gcc because
of that.

The uic problem occurred when building the designer.  I think the Qt
designer should go into
a separate package anyway.

The kde people had similiar bugs against kde2 betas in their bugtracking
system, but they closed them because they had a modified version of qt
which appearently fixed the problems. It looks like those patches didn't
find their way back to the trolls.
Anyway, did someone succeed in building qt-2.2 on a alpha/potato?

thanks, Ullrich

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