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Re: Getting current keymap

On Fri, Sep 08, 2000 at 07:19:58PM +0200, Miros/law `Jubal' Baran wrote:
> 6.09.2000 pisze Renaud Guérin (Renaud.Guerin@alcove.fr):
> > Is there something obvious I missed or is it really unfeasible ?
> I looked at it and... (didn't do that before, because I used my own
> keymap, which doesn't need to include anything) and yes, setting keymap
> before mounting /usr is rather not the best example of package
> design...

Setting the keymap as soon as possible was a design choice done before I
ever headr about Debian, I think.  Whether it is still valid is an open
issue, as the reasons to do that were not kept anywhere I know of.

Probably this should be discussed here and if noone objects changed ASAP,
so that any problems get caught quickly.

> The whole console-tools font/keymap configuring scheme should be IMO
> completely redesigned (and re-thinked before)... giving f.ex. the
> possibility to add font/keymap packages and configure font/keymap
> without direct playing with /etc/console-tools/config...

I had started this before potato release, and started using debconf.
However I did that in a rather complicated way which needs to be rewritten,
which I have started to do - I did not put much time here however.

Basically, /etc/console-tools/config should end up being generated by the
postinst from debconf-entered information.

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