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Re: Locations of ftp, httpd and named directories

On 13-Jun-00, 16:09 (CDT), Bas Zoetekouw <bas@medeia.dhs.org> wrote: 
> I personally keep this kind of data (ftp, http, public nfs and smb
> exports) in a top-level dir /exports (with subdirs ftp, http, etc.). 
> But this, too, isn't allowed by the FHS, I am afraid. :-((

No, you're allowed to do what ever you want. The FHS limits
distributions, precisely so you can make such decisions without fear of
the your distribution screwing you.

Now, the Debian policy is that the WWW tree should be *available* via
/var/www, so for maximum cooperation with Debian tools (primarily to
avoid having to edit various configuration files), you should have a
link from /var/www to /exports/http. But it's your choice.


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