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Locations of ftp, httpd and named directories

[If you aren't the right person(s) to receive this, please pass it on and
let me know who is so I know who to talk to for similar issues.]

like you've probably read, the new FHS wants the root directories for www,
anonymous ftp and DNS moved out of /home, where many Linux distributions
used to keep it.

We're currently fixing up Red Hat Linux to comply - but we'd like to have
standard locations rather than yet another "every distribution picks their
own favorite", so I'd like to discuss the locations with you.

We're currently planning to go for /var/ftp (some of the BSDs are using
this, so it's probably a compatible choice), /var/www (simple analogy to
ftp - I haven't seen this in use anywhere though, so if anyone has a
better suggestion, that's ok with me) and /var/named (we've been using
this all the time).

Please let me know if these locations are ok with you.


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